Why Explainer Videos are Awesome?


The explainer video trend is at its highest levels ever. Everyone who is involved in marketing knows how crucial they are to a company’s online success. Utilizing audio visual displays deliver some of the highest user engagement ever. That is when compared to other types of marketing or content. Moving images and sounds in an explainer video are extremely powerful. At the same time, human beings are very visual people. Explainer videos bring both of these aspects together which is why they are so great.

Before explainer videos came on the market, start-ups and individuals looking to promote their products or services had a hard time. Most could not afford TV ads or other forms of advertising due to the cost. However, a great explainer video can be made without spending too much money. Businesses and others are using 5 star rated video production companies such as SquareShip for their explainer videos needs, visit https://squareship.com/explainer/ for the best explainer videos list.

These videos allow new companies or anyone to tell viewers all about their brand. All done effectively and successfully, while being cost-effective. Many of today’s top rated product explainer videos are short and to the point. They pinpoint the user’s particular problem with precision. Then, the visual video advertisement provides a solution to that problem.

Marketing Companies Best Kept Secret

In truth, marketing companies don’t have to do much to sell you in on the many benefits explainer videos provide. They are the best kept secret since marketers know how powerful of a weapon they are. Anyone can use a product explainer video to their advantage. The marketing gurus don’t really want you to learn how much using your own explainer video will do for you. That makes their job harder since the explainer videos are so effective on their own. The statistics from using a well-made explainer video speak for themselves. Over and over again these short mini ads deliver astounding return on investments for those that use them. They are the perfect way for anyone to bring people to their website. At the same time, you also tell them all about your product or services.

Both search engine optimization experts and marketing professionals rely on explainer videos. They are well aware of statistics which show their power when it comes to user engagement. Unless you have a great reason for a person to stay on your site, most only stay 10 to 20 seconds. However, websites which have awesome explainer videos see these statistics change dramatically. A site which has a great explainer video will typically have visitors stay for at least 2 minutes on the site. While that may not mean much to some, it makes a world of difference when it comes to search engines. Google ranks pages based on how long users stay on your site. The longer a person stays on your page, the more likely search engines will rank it higher in search results.

One of the statistics worth mentioning about explainer videos is their information retaining power. Stats show that only 10% of the things people hear, they remember. In addition, only 20% of those who read something hold on to that information. But, when it comes to visual and audio information, the numbers are astounding. Over 80% of the people surveyed, remember the info they obtained when it was received via a video. Plus, people tend to process information obtained visually an astounding 60,000 times faster than if they read it.

In all, the stats prove just how effective audio visuals are when created correctly. Companies or people who utilize visual aids as a means to deliver presentations, garnished higher persuasion stats. Over 43% of those presentations were more convincing than those without it.

The time factor is also something to take into consideration. People today want their information delivered quickly and efficiently. That is easily accomplished since most of the best explainer videos are between 30 to 120 seconds long. In a span of ten seconds you may make a person decide whether or not they want to use your product or services if you use an explainer video. When watching an entertaining animated explainer video, a person’s ability to perceive the information increases significantly as well. All of this is part of the psychological factor and power of videos.

The Video Format Increasing Trends

Another benefit that explainer videos deliver is the trending factor. It is estimated by Cisco and other online traffic forecasters that video will make up about 80% of all traffic content by the year 2019. That is up from 67% back in 2014. Taking that into consideration, it is easy to see why motion graphics explainer videos are so crucial. With technology advancing at such a high pace, one can only imagine how much more efficient tutorials and audio visual ads will become. The marketing automation methods companies are adopting, are also leading to smarter video creation.

The reality is that creating explainer videos is a must for any business who wants to succeed or increase sales. One statistic which stands out about visual ads are their conversion rates. Presently, using an animated or other type of explainer video on your landing page leads to 90% completion rate. A person watching an explainer video is 1.6 times more likely to purchase your services or products. At the same time, over 96% of customers say the explainer video was part of the reason that helped convince them to make a purchase. Clearly the benefits of explainer videos are too many to ignore. When you have a walloping 73% of shoppers saying that they will more likely buy a product after watching a video, it is too much to ignore.

On top of all these benefits, there is also the trust factor. Companies who use explainer videos are trusted 58% more by consumers. Without a doubt, explainer videos are essential to businesses and brands. The longer you wait, the more likely you are losing money and higher conversions.

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