What Is The Best Video Editing Software For Beginners  


So you’ve got a camera and you’ve gone out and shot some video with it. Sooner or later you’re going to want to understand how to do Basic Video Editing.

One of the reasons you’re editing is to tell a story or make a point. Leaving people with superfluous footage muddles your tale. Just like any story, your video should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

The Basics of Video Editing

Editing video is not as difficult as it may sound; a little planning up front will save you time and assure you satisfied viewers. Most camcorders sold today record onto either a built-in hard drive or removable memory cards that connect directly to your computer and mount like a hard drive, allowing you to easily transfer your footage. If your camcorder doesn’t – if, for example, it records onto DVD or even onto tape – then you’ll have another step between the camera and editing which will depend on your camcorder (you’ll need to see the manual for more information on that).

You’re going to edit your footage in some application, of which there are many. A version might have come with your camera, you might have found one online or you may have purchased one in the store. To make things even easier, both Windows and Macintosh operating systems come with their own basic video editing software (Apple’s iMovie and Microsoft’s MovieMaker).

Today’s video editors come with many tools. They are a veritable cornucopia of filters that will slow your footage down or speed it up and transitions that will wipe from one shot to the next or look like a page is turning. They’ll let you add echo to your audio tracks or invert all the colors. But, just because you have these things doesn’t mean that you need to use them. You can have a long and fruitful career editing video using only a very small number of techniques. Of course, as your videos get more advanced, you’ll find uses for some esoteric footwork, but 90% of video editing revolves around just a handful of things.

Adobe Premiere Elements 15

The best video editing software for beginners is a standout – Adobe Premiere Elements 15— is truly cross-platform, and it emerged as our top pick. Despite its lack of emerging popular technologies, like 360-degree video handling and multicam editing features, it’s the easiest video editor to learn and use, and offers plenty of advanced functions. A newer version, Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, is now available; we are in the process of reviewing it, and will update this page accordingly.

When it comes to user-friendliness, sophisticated features and ways to output your video, nothing beats the cross-platform Adobe Premiere Elements. With genuinely inspiring but practical features, Elements’ new video collage, audio remix, enhanced face detection, haze removal and adjustment layers focus on what consumers need every day. Its companion Organizer app keeps assets organized and searchable, and the touch-friendly interface works quite well in Windows 10.



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