Video SEO: Tips To Improve Your SEO Rankings


Video is powerful.Statistics show that 17% of people spend less than four seconds on a website, but they are willing to spend 2.7 minutes watching a video online. Knowing that the average television commercial is 15-30 seconds long, think of what you could do with the attention-span-eternity that is 2.7 minutes of video engagement gold.

Video Marketing has become a common Online Marketing strategy. Next to millions of users, nearly every company uses YouTube to approach their customers. Since this could highly influence your brand perception, the video should be highly engaging and easy on the eye.

Because of the increasing number of videos out there, it’s getting more difficult to be seen on the video search results page. So, what can you do to optimize YouTube rankings?

YouTube plays an important role concerning video releasing and video marketing. Even more, since it belongs to Google, there is a notable amount of videos on the SERP. Here are some helpful tips to improve your SEO rankings:

  • Perform keyword research.Google reads words to discern what content is about, so using exact search query phrases to describe your content will go a long way in helping to get your content ranked on page one. Learn how to research keywords, pick one keyword phrase to target per video, then put your keyword phrase in your video Title, Description, and file name.
  • Focus on quality content.Before we start listing off ways to drive people to your content, it’s important to reiterate that you need to be proud of the content you’re driving them to. If your video has poor sound quality, or a script that sounds like you just woke up with a hangover and recorded this video while you were drinking a Bloody Mary, you’re not going to keep them for 2.7 minutes. You don’t want them to stay because your video is a train wreck and they can’t look away. For better or worse, the video content you publish inevitably represents your brand, so make it better not worse.
  • Embed YouTube videos on your website.If you want to rank well for a video in Google or YouTube it is worth your time to create a rich-media content page on your website to support the embedded video. The content landing page should include your embedded video, as well as text and still images that describe or supplement it.Diverse, rich-media landing pages are engaging, offer a strong user experience, and give Google a lot of context that helps improve your SERP rank. Embedded YouTube videos can also help improve your YouTube SERP rank as number of views is a YouTube ranking factor and video views received on your landing page count toward your overall YouTube video view-count.
  • Host your own video channel on YouTube.YouTube is an easy to use free space to host videos, and it also happens to be the second largest search engine. If you want your video content to rank in Bing and other search engines, then it makes sense you should also want to rank in YouTube.

Video marketing is a vast industry that could easily merit a few thousand words. Of course the number of views is important. But be aware, YouTube takes the video age under consideration. So it will already help to have as many views as your competitor, if your video was uploaded more recently.

Therefore, the number of views shall increase over time steadily to help its Video SERP position.Last but not least, the number of channel-views and –subscribers are crucial to search results.

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